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14 Important Personal Hygiene Tips (Gender-neutral)

Being hygienic is an effortless task, and good personal hygiene is very important for our health and social reasons. Taking a bath, wearing clean clothes, brushing teeth, wearing a good cologne is not enough to maintain good hygiene.

Who doesn't like a person who is clean and smells good? Personal hygiene is an underrated subject, some people ignore it. Keep in mind no brand will cover your poor hygiene. You need to step up your hygiene game.

We want to look good and look like celebs, but fail. The reason is simple: we do not care about our body we spend money on clothes, shoes but for body care NAH!. but it's time to change.

Personal hygiene tips: (From head to toe)

  1. Dry Scalp- People rarely talk about the dry scalp problem, but it is one of the first things someone will notice and people don't like dry scalps baby but there is a difference between Dry scalp and Dandruff. Dandruff -It is caused by too much oil on the scalp. If you have an itchy and oily scalp and dandruff flakes are large and oily in yellow or white color. Then you have a dandruff issue. Solution for Dandruff - Use Anti-dandruff shampoo. (click here to buy) -Aloe vera. Leave it on your hair for 10-15 minutes. -Apple cider vinegar. Mix apple cider vinegar with equal parts water and leave it on your hair for 15 minutes. Dry scalp- It happens when your scalp lacks moisture and oil. Dry scalp is a symptom of dandruff. If the scalp feels dry, feels tight, and has small white flakes in your hair. It is probably because of dry scalp. Solution for Dry scalp - Massage hair with coconut oil - Massage hair with olive oil, or add few drops of coconut oil in olive oil. -Yogurt and egg mask leave it for 15 mins

  2. Eyebrow- Everyone should trim eyebrows whether you are a man or woman. Man needs regular eyebrow maintenance, just like women do. The eyebrow seems like a minor feature of a face, but it plays a vital role in your look. A well-groomed and structured eyebrow gives your face definition, shape, and a clean look. Man- Give your eyebrow a little shape. Brush your eyebrow upwards and cut extra length along the eyebrow line, pulk extra ends, and unibrow please clean it. Keep your eyebrow a little messy and less defined. (check this video for reference-how to cut eyebrow) Woman-Ladies often get their brows done, but if you don't, please get it done.

  3. Clean Your Eyes- Eye gunk is natural but when you are meeting somebody, clean your eyes. -Remove eye makeup before sleep. -Cleaning your eye with a warm washcloth can reduce eye discharge.

  4. Trim Nose and Ear Hair- Hair in the nose and on the ears make you look very unhygienic. Hair coming out of nose UGH... disgusting. In a week or two, cut them. Just remember, do not pluck hair nose hair it leads to irritation, ingrown hair, or red bumps. -Use a Nose and ear trimmer (Buy it here) - or Waxing.

  5. Behind Ears- People often forget to clean behind the ear and this area smells bad because it collects bacteria and if you have dandruff, it probably makes the back of the ear much more disgusting. -Wash the back of your ear and ear lobes while showering or clean it with a warm washcloth. EVERYDAY!! - If you have dry skin or if skin feels stiff behind the ear, apply moisturizer. EVERYDAY!!

  6. Upper Lips- Girlfriend please don't think you don't have a mustache, even light hair on the upper lips makes you look bad, and it is easily noticeable. From my experience, it needs maintenance every week. You can either use the threading or waxing method to get rid of them.

  7. Groom your Beard and Mustache-Groom beard and mustache will not only make you attractive but also give you a clean look. -Trimming to desired shape and length- it gives a healthy and clean look to the beard and mustache. -Combing keeps it clean and moisturized. It helps natural oils to reach the end of the hair. -Wash and condition your facial hair- It will not only clean your skin. Washing a beard means that the skin gets plenty of massaging. This can boost your beard growth. While conditioning your facial hair gives them key nutrients and keeps them moisturized.

  8. Oral Health-Oh, I have been the victim of this one. Having a foul breath can affect you and your confidence badly. Our tongue absorbs bacteria like a sponge. Sometimes flossing and brushing only not help you enough to get rid of the smell. -Give your brush a warm bath before every use. Just for 1-2 minutes. -Brush a few seconds extra. -Floss regularly. -Tongue scraper- After brushing teeth clean your tongue with a tongue scraper. It scraps away excess plaque and odor-causing bacteria. -Mouthwash after a brush or after you eat- It can help to freshen your breath, remove plaque. - Always carry mints or gums with you.

  9. Armpit Hair- This one is for all the gender. Having armpit hair is a personal preference however if you have armpit hair please cut them to a decent length. Armpit hair coming out of your t-shirt or tops does not look cute. -Long hair absorbs more sweat means more odor. Thus, it is best to cut them to a short length. -Use aluminum-free deodorant.

  10. Under The Breast- Area under the breast usually sweats in summer and it leads to odor. After a bath, dry the area under the breast and apply deodorant the same you used for the armpit.

  11. Navel- Dirt, bacteria, fungus, and all the other gunk trapped inside your Bellybutton and it causes the smell. Dirty navel can lead to navel infection, thus it is extremely important to clean your belly button. You can wash it while showering or take a soft washcloth, dip it in a warm salt water mixture, and gentle massage it inside your belly button.

  12. Clean Nails - Clean nails have a very important place in personal hygiene. Nobody likes dirty nails and hands. Remove bacteria from under your nails and trim them to the desired length. Nails tell a lot about your health. Healthy nails mean healthy life. -Wash your hands more often and keep your nail dry and clean. -After every wash, apply moisturizer to your hands, it will not let your hands dry out and smooths your hand.

  13. Pubic Area- Regular maintenance of your intimate area is very important. Public area traps bacteria, when bacteria mix with sweat and natural oil it produces the smell. therefore trimming or shaving of pubes is important. -After the bath completely dry your public area. Wearing clothes while the private area is still wet can produce a funky smell. -Perineum and anal area- The perineum is the area between your genitals and anus. It is important to clean the perineum and anus daily. it reduces the risk of spreading unwanted bacteria. Clean it with soap and water normally nothing fancy. -Trim or shave your pubes regularly to maintain proper hygiene of your body.

  14. Clean back of the knee- One of the hidden part where human usually forgets to clean. It is one of the sweaty areas of the body; it means more bacteria and other gunk. Exfoliate behind the knee gently once or twice a week. You can also apply deodorant to this sweaty region.

  15. Foot care- We usually neglect to take care of our feet. Practicing food care is not only for hygiene but it promotes overall health. If you have an underlying disease like diabetes, it puts your feet at a greater risk. A clean foot increases your self-esteem and prevents you from fungus infection. -Wash your feet with soap and water every day. -In a week or two soak your feet in warm salt water for 10-20 minutes It prevents bacteria growth and eases the infection caused by problems like ingrown toenails. -Clean between toes- while taking bath, clean thoroughly between toes and dry your feet properly because fungal organisms love moisture. -Take care of heels- Soak your feet in soapy lukewarm water for 10-20 minutes, use loofah or foot scrubber to remove any dead skin or thick skin. After exfoliating, apply moisturizer or any foot heel cream. Do it twice or once a week for best results.

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