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Powerful Ingredients you need in your skincare routine

Skincare works like a miracle when you know what issue you want to fix and what ingredients you need to fight those problems to get glowing and smooth skin.

Best ingredients for skincare

  1. Aha/Bha- Aha stands for Alpha hydroxy acid and Bha stands for beta hydroxy acid. Aha and Bha both are skin exfoliants. Both hydrate the skin and improve the sign of aging. Aha (eg-Glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid) works on the surface of the skin, it reduces acne scars, sun damage, and wrinkles. It naturally enhances the moisturizing factor of the skin. Mandelic acid is best for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Lactic acid is best for dry skin because it keeps the skin moisturize. Glycolic acid suits best for normal skin Bha (salicylic acid) works on the skin surface and deep inside the pores" explains Markowitz. It is oil soluble, which is best for oily skin. Salicylic acid penetrates deep inside the pores and deep clean clogged pores. You can use these products together as long as they are coming in one product together. If you are new to aha/ BHA, start by applying once a week. If you experience no adverse reaction like stinging, dry skin, or excessive redness, increase your usage twice a week.

  2. Vitamin C-Vitamin C is an essential ingredient for Głowy skin and radiant skin. It reduces the fine lines, wrinkles, brightens your skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, hydrates the skin and many more. “Vitamin C products are packed with antioxidants that are known for providing a brightening and "glowy" effect on our skin,” says dermatologist Dr. Kathy Taghipour. “It naturally improves the appearance of skin by fighting signs of aging and UV exposure, along with hyperpigmentation and dark patches.” Add it in your beauty regimen. Use it every day for better results.

  3. Retinoids/Retinol- Retinol and Retinoids both are anti-aging ingredients. they both have wrinkle-fighting power. Retinol is a little less Intense than retinoid. Retinoid show results quickly than retinol, but retinoid is best for mature skin. Mostly retinoid products are prescribed. They are both wrinkle fighting agent, promote collagen growth beneath the skin, and improve the skin texture. Incorporate retinol in your night time skin routine. use it in form of serum or cream

  4. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)- Niacinamide has multiple advantages in skincare like it brightens the skin, prevents the signs of aging, minimize pores, hydrate skin and reduce acne. It is one of my favorite ingredient in skincare. It is uniquely compatible with all the products in skincare and easily tolerated by all skin types. We can use niacinamide as toner or serum, but I recommend using it as a serum.

  5. Amino acid- Amino acid is the most important and yet most ignored ingredient in skincare. Amino acid is the building block of your skin. There is 20 amino acid which makes up 75% of the proteins found in the human body. Amino acid boost UV protection, promote cellular repair, provides antioxidant protection, and everyone knows it hydrates skin. Amino acid is involved in the production of collagen and elastin. How to find an amino acid product? It's simple, just find the product which has the most amino acids.

  6. Ceramides- Ceramide is most overlooked ingredient in skincare industry and people often don't talk about ceramides but surprising fact is they made up 50% of skin's composition so there is no wonder they play a vital role how our skin looks. ceramides holds the skin cell together by forming a protective layer to lock the moisture into your skin. Which prevents dryness and irritation. It protects the skin from external aggressors such as weather and pollution. It works best when you apply it immediately after the shower to lock-in the extra moisture. You can also use it twice a day.

  7. Hyaluronic acid- Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the human body and it's work to provide moisture. It plays a crucial role in skin moisture. It reduce the roughness of skin, anti-aging, and highly hydrates your skin. It keeps your skin hydrate throughout the day and it is one of the top ingredients in skincare industry. Hyaluronic acid found in all types of skincare products- gel based and cream based, serums. Gel based products are excellent for oily skin, whereas Cream based are better for dry skin. If you are using hyaluronic acid as a serum, make sure to lock it under some good moisturizer.

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